Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Look, I'm a Baby Blogger!

Welcome to the official blog of the pastor of Dayspring Christian Fellowship. I say official because obviously there are many unofficial Phil sites out there that hang on to my every word and like to pretend they know me. There are so many that google has refused to list any of them because it bogs down their servers! Go ahead, just google me and you will see - there is nothing out there!! Just another testament to how powerful my influence in the blogosphere is.

Ok, so I may be slightly full of it. Actually, I am just a guy that hopes to encourage and be encouraged by people in my own church and maybe a few others. My goal is for us to spur one another on to greater levels of holiness and discipleship for Jesus' sake.

So I will post things that I am reading and learning and I hope that you will do the same (and by you, I mean the 2 or 3 people that will ever stumble on to this blog).

I will post my first thought later tonight (and by tonight, I mean 6 months ago for you reading this). Right now I have to leave the office and clean up the mess that my autistic son made while I was gone with the kitchen sprayer. Actually, I wasn't gone with the sprayer, but...well, you know what I am trying to say.
Be Blessed,



Charles said...


You have created a new blogger fan! I can't believe, after all these years of Blog this and Blog that I am now a blogger thanks to my pastor! Thanks Phil!
Well on the less sarcastic side of things, I love what you have started. As I also search for the holiness we desire, this will be a great place to stop in and compare notes.
PS I think I fall in the, "People that Care" Part. And that, Redemption song rocks!!! I think I shed a tear, wait never mind, let me grunt to prove manhood.
Ta Ta for now
Chapter for the day? Mark 7, don't do it for religious purpose....

Phil said...

Yes! My first fan! Spread the word, my friend, and we will take over the world! (or at least this domain name)

syd101 said...

I love it daddy

Anonymous said...

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