Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Song for Harvestfest

I post this mainly for the worship team, but everyone can enjoy our new song for this Sunday.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tough call or slam dunk?

Alright, what do you think of this.I am not going to respond until I hear your opinion...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Too Much Time on my Hands

For Amy (nobody else will get this)

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Our girls are really advancing in their dance class:

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Absolutely, Mindblowingly Good Stuff

"I want this church to be a work that God truly blesses. I refuse

to be a program manager of the latest Creative Programs that
will attract Carnal Christians. I’m not here to entertain. I want to
shepherd a flock that hungers and thirsts after reality with God. I
want the living Savior to be at work in our midst in unmistakable
ways. I want to remove every hindrance that would block God’s
hand of blessing and I want to add every quality that would bring
His blessing on His church. As Ezra testified to King Artaxerxes
(8:22), “The hand of our God is favorably disposed to all those
who seek Him….” I want us to be a people that seek God."

-Steven J. Cole

I Guess Tax cuts Are in the Bible

From my study for next weeks sermon:

You are also to know that you have no authority to impose taxes, tribute or duty on any of the priests, Levites, singers, gatekeepers, temple servants or other workers at this house of God.
(Ezra 7:24 NIV)

That is King Artexerxes talking to Ezra as he is preparing to leave for Jerusalem. Here is the commentary by David Guzik:

a. It shall not be lawful to impose tax: To promote the work of the temple in Jerusalem, Artaxerxes commanded that priests and other workers at the temple be given tax-exempt status.

p.s. The sermon is not about taxes, I just thought that was interesting. :)