Monday, August 18, 2008

I Hope You're Hungry

I know I'm early, but you just have, have, have to read this article by Dave Wilkerson. Make sure you read and don't skim- it is awesome. It is exactly what we have been talking about.

A Christless Pentecost

We could take weeks disecting the whole thing. Tell me what you think

Song of the Week

Just a reminder of who He is!


Keith C said...


I love to read what I want to say , but can not say for I lack the ability to put into words what God has put on my heart many times.

That may be one of the best pieces of writing I have ever read outside of the Holy Scriptures.

I get weary of people who exhalt, profess, lift up and worship a FAKE Jesus Christ.

The Christ of Scripture is not the Christ that many prechers, evangelist, and Christians believe in and promote.

Many Christians believe in a God who is all Love and Grace. That is a belief that will bring Eternal Damnation to those who belive that false Theology.

What makes Christ awesome love and grace so awesome! Is the wrath and anger God has for Sin!

Jesus experienced the wrath of the Father at Calvary! Christ experienced having the Father turn His back on His beloved Son!

Jesus knew what He was going to endure for our sakes. Jesus knows the Father!

The Gospel of Luke tells us in Chapter 22 verse 40-46 "And when He arrived at the place, he said to them, Pray taht you may not enter into temptation. 41 And He withdrew from them about a stone's throw, and He knelt down and began to pray. 42 saying Father, if thou art willing, remove this cup from me; yet not My will, but Thine be done. 43 Now an angel from heaven appeared to Him, strengthing Him. 44 And being in angony he was praying very fervently ; and His sweat became like drops of blood, falling down upon the ground. 45 And when He arose from prayer, he came to the disciples and found them sleeping from sorrow, 46 and said to them, Why are you sleeping? Rise and pray taht you amy not enter into temptation."


This scripture describing Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane praying in His possible prayer closet?

This Scripture sends chills down my spine! This scares me for the lost of this world.

verse 40 starts with "And when He arrived at the place," The place was most likley Jesus prayer closet for a lack of a better term.

We know throughout the Gospels that Jesus like to get away from everyone and pray. The verse says "The Place".

The disciples fell asleep! Boy does that sound familiar? Sounds like the Christian church.

Jesus was only a stone's throw away, that is not very far. Jesus had already told the disciples at the passover dinner that he was going to die. Yet they were too tired to stay awake and pray? Again sounds like us.

Christ knew the Father as we can not and do not know Him and He knew the wrath and foresaking was coming and He asked the Father to let it pass, yet, a BIG YET, He said "not My will, but Thine be done."

We are asleep and God will refine His church, God will redeem His church, God will bring judgement to all people, including His church, what are we going to do?

These blogs keep getting sharper and sharper, huh?


john m said...

I found it very sobering, both the video from Asbury and the Christless Pentecost. I felt conviction that I may have been looking for something awesome from God but not truly the exaltation of Jesus. The power the students spoke of was purification. The power David Wilkerson speaks of is purification. That Jesus suffered and died that we may be purified. That He suffered that we may be granted repentense. That it is only by this purification that we can be in fellowship with Him. That is the true blessing. Not that we have anything this world has to offer but that we are able through His purifying work to fellowship with the the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Now at the same time I was very encouraged that Pastor has been led to point us in this direction. That we are already being prepared. That the leadership of our church is already started to demonstate a desire for holiness. I am reminded of what Pastor said in a sermon some time ago, " Purity precedes power." Purity may very well be the power of God we seek. Thanks for the blog Pastor.
To Him be the glory,
john m

david m. said...

A tremendously pointed and very timely article(even if written in 1982). A powerful reminder to us as individual believers and as the Church to guard our First Love by a close walk and living in the Word. By our shallowness and lack of purity we (the Church) enable the enemy to deceive with a counterfeit gospel and fall into idolatry of the gifts over the Giver, as well as other errors (sin).

The Asbury video was beyond awesome! It makes me sound really old, but as a teenager I remember the Asbury witnessing team coming to our church. I even got to spend time on the campus during that time. The confession and reconciliation that took place was the most memorable thing.

I don't know why revival fires have to burn out. I pray we'll see them again, and greater than ever before! There's a price to be paid though, and I have to be willing to pay it.