Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A thought before bed

Hey, I just happened to notice that our last post generated 16 comments. That's great! in fact, all of them have done pretty well, except the post on tithing, which had only four.

Interesting....ehh, I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

Maybe there is a solution. There is a lot of talk going on right now about change. Do you need change in your life? Maybe I can help...(be patient and let them load)

And one more:

Ok, no excuses now, right? With the correct change everyone will be tithing from now on. No need to thank me, it's just my job.


john m said...

Interesting. In regards to the lack on response to the titheing blog, I think we all feel conviction in that area. However one reason I did not respond was by the time I finished reading the 2 articles my blog time was gone.(very slow reader). Tithing and selflessness will, I believe, be fruits of the current leading towards righteousness and repentance. One thing is sure, while giving does not make you righteous, the righteous will give. When we are made aware of how richly we have been forgiven and how lavishly grace as been bestowed to us, the response should be to give back out of loving gratitude, not to even the even the score but to follow the leader.

Phil said...

Great thought, John, as usual.

As far as the videos go, I guess I lost everybody on those. :)

Ha! I guess I'm the only one who thinks this is some of the best stuff SNL ever did. I love clever stuff like that...Everybody realizes that these are tongue in cheek, right?...well, anyway...

Sigh. nobody gets me.

keith c said...

I get it, I think?


Is it real change or just substituting one thing for another of the exact same value, just different in name (denomoination)only?

Real change happens at the core. Changing a $1 bill for a $100 bill is a real value change!

Changing a $1 bill for 20 nickels is not a real value change, it is a equal substitution.

Come on tell me did I figure it out?

I have never been accused of being really smart... So the clever it is the harder it is for me to figure out!

Peace and blessings,

john m said...

Sorry. I did get the videos and thought they were very funny. And Keith, for a dumb guy I think you hit the nail on the head on the whole real change thing. I also couldn't help thinking that we as christians can give an empty message that sounds important and religious, but is not life changing. Hey, take it ee z.

Phil said...

See, there you go Keith - making a good point and making me look bad. I just thought the videos were funny. They didn't really have a point except to suggest that the reason people didn't tithe was because they didn't have the correct change. Which, of course, is ridiculous - hence, the joke.

I really need to think those through, better.