Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pirate Christian Radio

As you may have noticed (but not particularly cared), I added a link on the sidebar to Pirate Christian Radio. It intrigued me, so I thought I would listen for a while.

A few observations so far:

Most (if not all) the teachers are Lutherans
They really really like being Lutherans
I don't agree with everything that the Lutherans teach

But, that aside....

It has some good programs about Apologetics (defense of Christianity from false teaching) and good explanation of the Gospel.

I am still determining if it is something that I would listen to long term, but I thought I would throw it out there for you so that you can decide with me.

p.s. If anyone cares to prepare for Sunday, we will be studying 2 Kings 22 @ 23 and it's corresponding passages in 2 Chronicles, or page 983 - 987 in your Daily Bible.


David M said...

I listened for a few minutes and looked at their website, and basically agree with your observations, Phil. Apparently there is a fundamentalist wing among Lutherans (who knew?) that this programing represents. Despite that ;) I heard some very good points regarding the Law and the Gospel, that I'll remember for a while.

Kind of difficult to say who their frequent listeners would be...

I guess these guys wouldn't like K-LOVE too much, huh?

Phil said...

Ha! you caught that, huh? There is a little bit of throwing the baby out with the bathwater going on, I think.

My favorite was the show "The biggest Loser" that took two sermons that they disagreed with and decided which one was worse. The two sermons were by Billy Graham and John MacArthur! You know that you are a fundamentalist when you think those guys are not conservative enough!

And yet, I keep listening. :)