Friday, September 18, 2009

Great new song!

We are going to learn this song on Sunday, thought I would give you a sneak peek. It rings familiar (slightly ripping off "It is Well") and it resonates with me as I study and prepare to preach on suffering. So much of what happens to us we will never have an answer for, and so the sovereignty of God is important for us to rely on:

It is called All is Well (which is way different than It is Well) by Robin Mark.

I expect all three of you who read this blog to be ready to sing it on Sunday morning.


Anonymous said...

I am ready, It is a great song!

David M said...

33.3% of the blog readership checking in ... ;)
I didn't see the post before worship this morning, but agree with the 33.3% who've already voted (that'd be Keith), yes, it IS a great song!

Kirsten said...

So if I comment and say I like this song too, I am throwing off the great statistics David M came up with, sorry, you will have to rework the whole thing again. But I really did like this song! =)