Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tough call or slam dunk?

Alright, what do you think of this.I am not going to respond until I hear your opinion...


Anonymous said...

I think medicine is a gift from God and is a part of His creation. I can not imagine not taking advantage of everything possible to save the life of one of my children.

A very sad story!

David M said...

This reminded me of a verse I read in Nehemiah this past week, where the temple walls in Jerusalem were being rebuilt, but the work was being threatened by violent opposition. 4:9 says, "But we prayed to our God AND POSTED A GUARD DAY AND NIGHT to meet this threat." (emphasis is mine).

I don't understand the idea that believers need to unscrew their brains in order to exercise faith. My belief is that God can be totally, 100% glorified through the use of medicine.

But I could be wrong...

Ryan Budde said...

I think that these kinds of events are going to lead us down a terrible path. Even believers might say these parents should be punished. I'm not saying they shouldn't, but what acts of faith might we next be persecuted for? When that door swings open and freedom of religion begins to sound like a bad idea to the masses, we will see more and more freedoms taken away. It's a tough call because no one wants to see a little child die, but I also don't want the government telling us what is or isn't an allowable act of faith.

Phil said...

What I took from this was slightly different, I guess. I immediately blamed the Word of Faith movement that says that you only need to claim something in faith to have it.

Did they do this with no spiritual counsel? Probably not. I can't imagine making a difficult spiritual decision like this without consulting my spiritual leaders. if that is true, than a pastor somewhere is partly responsible for this.

Why is it considered a lack of faith to pray, and THEN take your kid to the doctor? This is one of the dangers of Word of Faith teaching.

I wonder if these parents filled out resumes to get a job. Isn't that a lack of faith? They should just be able to pray themselves into that position. Do they ever take aspirin? Have they ever gotten advice on a better way to do something?

If they don't have the same faith in those situations, why would they choose to draw the line in the sand at the life of their child?

All that said, they are probably heartbroken and guilt ridden and I feel bad for them. I hope that they don't press charges on them, they've been through enough already