Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good Quote

Found this from John MacArthur while I was researching my sermon:

"By the way, do you know that that (holiness) is the only attribute of God in all of the Scripture that is spoken of in repetition three times? Never does the Bible say God is love, love, love. Never does it say God is light, light, light, truth, truth, truth, mercy, mercy, mercy, wrath, wrath, wrath. But it says He's holy, holy, holy. This is an absolute priority, people. It is impossible to understand the fullness of it and yet you must understand as much as the Scripture gives us. The absence of a clear understanding of God's holiness is the reason for our shallowness, it is the reason for our impotence, it is the reason for our selfishness, it is the reason for our weakness, it is the reason for our disobedience. We don't really understand how holy God is that's why we compromise, that's why we are the worst kind of pragmatists who do only what fulfills our desires." –John Mcarthur

Yowsa...good stuff. As we will learn Sunday from Isaiah, understanding the holiness of God is the beginning of intimacy with Him...and the flipside would also be true: to not understand it, is the reason for our distance from Him. His holiness puts everything else in perspective.

Every time the angels repeated Holy, Holy, Holy during Isaiah's vision, he heard, dirty, dirty, dirty...which is what he knew he was, compared to God. Every reminder of God's holiness reminded him of his filthiness.

That revelation gave him a new perspective and set the stage for God to purify him and empower him for the rest of his ministry

The holiness of God was revealed to Isaiah in a vision; The written Word of God is our revelation, and that is where His holiness will be revealed to us. So, get in the Word, and ask God to reveal Himself to you!

Till Sunday...

Love it, memorize it, swallow it.

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