Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jehovah's Witness in a nutshell

When I lived in San Diego, I lived next to a Mormon elder. Very nice guy, and as it turns out, very handy because all the Mormon missionaries would come to his house and he would fix their bikes (which is why I am not a Mormon elder, because I am not very handy).

Because of that, we always had plenty of visits from Mormon missionaries. I would rarely turn them away without at least talking to them for a few minutes and sometimes would even invite them in and we would debate Christianity over lemonade. I enjoyed it because it challenged me to be able to defend my faith, and learn how to debate without being obnoxious. (I'm still obnoxious, just not when I debate someone).

Well, last Saturday there was a whole carload of Jehovah's witnesses unleashed on our neighborhood. I talked to an older man that owns some hearing aid businesses in New Braunfels for about 40 minutes. Again, very nice man and we had a good conversation. Unfortunately, I was very rusty on my Jehovah's witness theology, but I did manage to ask him some questions that he couldn't answer. So, he is coming back this Saturday, I'm sure with reinforcements.

As I have been reading up on their religion, I came across this video and thought it might be helpful if you want a short synopsis of their history and what they believe...


Anonymous said...

Great information!

I have found that if you ask them to share with you about their personal salvation, they just look at you funny.It does not register.

Much like the Mormon's for the JW's it is all about the church and the institution, it is never about their personal conversion and relationship with Christ.

The JW's & Mormons have taken my address of their list, I guess I see them in our neighborhood, but they do not visit us anymore. :(

I really enjoy debating them!

What a very Sad Cult leading millions to eternal Hell.

Phil said...

Don't you mean eternal annihilation? BTW - I've tried to post comments on your blog and it never posts...they just disappear.

Anonymous said...


That is strange? I'll check it out, maybe I have some settings wrong.

David M said...

Sad, the JWs are in such bondage! The Watchtower Tract Society is a $1 billion/year business, disguised as a religion to keep its footsoldiers in slavery. Many of them are very sincere but I believe, totally deceived.

There's a great and trustworthy website, waltermartin.com, that really gives the scoop on the cults (he wrote the classic,"The Kingdom of the Cults" back in the 80's, I think). Great book! I have it somewhere.